Color Inspiration for Muslim Outfitters from Up2Date


For those who are familiar with this brand, would surely agree that Up2date is well known for its clean look, and it’s versatility. Their collections are mostly designed to mix and match, where you can create many looks from only one item. Up2date is also known for its color choices. While most women are stuck with pink, purple range to get their feminine look, Up2date offers such a unique color choice, to explore your personality and to experience color.

Quite a while ago, Up2Date held an event dedicated for their loyal customers, whereby they presented a showcase of their collection focusing on color combination in a set of outfit and veils. These new color harmony were brought to give us some inspiration to mix colors we hardly thought before. Below are my favourite three looks from the collection.

1. For this set of light grey dress and dark grey vest, put a fuchsia veil and two-color bangles to cheer up the look.

2. Whereas with this turquoise maxi-shirt dress, you can forget your neutral color veil and take this red stripe veil instead. You’re going to be liberated from the same boring look.

3. This is my favourite, eye catching yellow vest on light grey long dress, will surely light up your mood and other people around you.

So how color affects our emotion, communication and surrounding? Mr. Syahmedi Dean, fashion and media specialist gave us some interesting insight to complete the understanding. Don’t hesitate to put any color in you, and you’ll have your feedback from the environment, that’s how you experience color. Embrace any color because that’s how you live your life fully. Of course you have to be smart in choosing your everyday color, and just relax, because it will give the confidence you need. But more importantly, have a colorful heart. Express it, be honest with it, then you will shine and everybody will see how colorful you are.

If you want to see more color mix and match inspiration, you can browse through the gallery below.


(this article was originally published in femaledaily, Okt 2011)



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