Headscarves or Headpieces, Your Choice

With such an extensive rally of anything stylish in the past Indonesia Fashion Week, I think these pieces of portrait were truly not to be skipped. Compare to previous fashion week, muslim fashion shared a bigger portion during this occasion, with more stages and more designers to showcase their latest collections.

And veil or headcovers, took a lot more significance than accessories in muslim fashion. It’s part of hijab, an obligatory item in order to cover all of your body part, except face and hands (general interpretations). It does, along with the outfits, develop, adapt, modify, and conform with its functionality, wearability and of course, as a fashion statement.

And from these list of headscarves and headpieces created by designers in IFW, what do you think may be trending next?


In the history of turban, maybe these ones are something we have not been seeing frequently. Ria Miranda, featuring MissMarina Accessories, brought turban into something totally new and semi-instant, in soft pastel colors! It was obviously blending in Ria’s design, you may see the review here. She wants to make turban into something actually wearable, and we can get accustomed to.

Dian Pelangi used some coarse material such as woven cotton and semi-finished cotton to form a turban. These kinds of material were chosen since they stay put tight in place, without any additional pins. An ethnic and native touch to your bold look.



These particular geometric print shawls as we saw in Jenahara show, were actually derived from its brand logo. And no need to wait, as geometric print will be one of the hot item this year.



Yes, color of the year! Already struck by tangerine on many leading stores display, why not snatch one to your scarves collection? Designer Ina Priono delivered these fresh tangerine to color up your look, while Ida Royani blended tangerine with Nusa Tenggara Timur woven fabric.



Wearing hijab and hat altogether – love it or shove it? Whether it might be quite difficult to find the perfect combination, and occasion, these models really pulled it off.



I always admire how Irna Mutiara always does these veil so stylishly. Very well executed! Again, she wore this iconic La Perle glitter shawl, in gold and silver color. As glamour as it may be seen, this style is definitely wearable.


Which style do you think you will choose?


(this article was originally published in femaledaily, March 2012)


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