Most Wanted Muslim Fashion Brands 2011: Tie Dye & Ultra Femininity Rule

2011 has been marked by the rise of numerous independent labels in Muslim fashion, corresponding to the enthusiasm of most hijabers to be more fashion conscious and the need to create many alternative ways than a conventional look in Muslim outfit. Which also echoes the same energy in fashion and creative industry, generating lots of young entrepreneurs who are independent and harness their popularity by embracing and maximizing the power of social media and online communities.

But as part of the fashion industry itself in Indonesia, Muslim fashion is still in its early stage. The association, then followed by some communities, mass production and retail in Muslim fashion still have only existed for several years. It’s still very easy tell what brands or products are the talk of the town among the enthusiastic customers.

But if we have to make our very own version of the ‘Most Wanted Muslim Fashion Brands 2011‘, then these are three brands that we believe have caught the most attention for Muslim outfitters in 2011.

Dian Pelangi. (

In 2011, mass media from TV, newspaper, magazine and online media race to feature her as a young and promising designer. She declared herself as a Muslim fashion designer. With a leading product in tie dye, she entered the market and she gained unbelievable popularity in no time! She is also awarded as best selling designer by IIFC (Indonesia Islamic Fashion Committee). Following this success, Dian Pelangi boutiques were aggressively opened in many cities in Indonesia, to meet the increasing demand of her pieces. Her target to go international has appeared to be within her reach in any time soon, as now she’s already getting a lot of attention from global market, by regularly participating in various shows and exhibitions both inside and outside the country. Learn more about her from our interview with Dian Pelangi here.


Kami Idea. (

Also with the power of tie dye, Kami Idea’s best selling article is their tie dye shawl. Starting with its online shop in Facebook, now Kami Idea have produced hundreds of cotton shawls every day. They use a certain type of cotton material, which apparently to be favored by many hijab wearers. By tapping into many resellers across the country as their channel of distribution, Kami Idea shawl and clothing now have penetrated almost all areas in Indonesia.


Ria Miranda. (

Ria miranda is probably the one person that has the biggest influence in hijabers style nowadays. She brought this idea of beauty in hijab, that hijab as the outfit (and lifestyle) should enhance our beauty. Her design is packed with visibly romantic, ladylike and whimsical tone, brings about the most feminine side in women. Her collections are distinctly recognized for its soft-hued, pastel colors in ultra-feminine cut. This is exactly the kind of style that most women couldn’t resist.

So, any of these brands is one of your favourites? Or do you have your own? Do share :)

(images are taken from brand’s official websites)


(this article was originally published in femaledaily, Des 2011)


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