Tips: Organizing Your Head Shawls

Picking a shawl as hijab in everyday outfit, can be just as bothersome as choosing the outfit itself. Therefore, a well-organized shawl collection would be very helpful in this matter. Entering the new year, would be the perfect time to tidy up our shawl collection using the proper organizing system.

Ever wonder about the attractive arrangement of shawls in some boutique? We also can make a personal display shelf at home, simply custom made with the help of your trusted carpenter.

A wooden shelf like this will fit nicely on the empty space of our bedroom wall.

(photos courtesy of Eche Fajriyah, Bandung)

With a 100x70cm dimension, fit to accommodate up to approximately a hundred shawls, it’s a showcase of our shawl collection. Besides, it also has a space for organizing the accessories. All ‘supplementary stuff’ in wearing headscarf can be placed in it, so they’re all organized in one place.

For a more practical way, without putting any effort to make a special display, a few tips below may help in organizing your shawl.

1. A simple ‘display’ is still required. This multi-use hanger from Ikea is a perfect choice, showing up a clear line of shawls, with a pretty large capacity, and an easy arrangement are the advantages of this organizer.

Choose some shawls we repeatedly use, to be set on this organizer. Pick them in various colors, making it easier to mix and match with current outfit. Place this organizer on an open space for an easy access .

2. And for the rest of the shawls which are more rarely used, we can utilize the  underwear drawer. Arrange by folding a half roll, so all the shawls can be seen clearly.

3. Inners or underscarves can also be arranged in the drawer. Or we can put the most frequently used inners on a hanger inside the wardrobe.

4. As a complement in wearing hijab, headscarf accessories can be stored along with other accessories. More on the idea of ​​ accessories storage can be found here.


(this article was originally published in femaledaily, Jan 2012)


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