Getting to Know the Hijabers Community

In its literal meaning, “hijabers community” translates to a common group of hijabers, in general. But Hijabers Community (HC) here, is a specific term chosen by a group of hijabers in Jakarta, to be the official name of the community. Maybe some of us here are familiar with HC – their existence, their activites, their statement-making fashion, and how greatly they influence hijab trends in Indonesia.

HC was initiated by 30 young hijabers from various backgrounds who happened to meet at muslimah silaturahim back in 2010. They made a group, and decided to create a community for hijabers. “We’d like to form a community where we can share, learn about hijab and Islam, so hijabers will no longer think that they are ‘alone’. [As well as] To convince other, that being a hijaber is beautiful, and definitely not to constrain someone from their passion”, explained Jenahara Nasution, President of HC.

HC event in Women Wired Weekend, last February. image from here

People might be more familiar with HC on their fashion statement, as that’s their means to reach the young, and the ‘result’ is amazing. More and more young muslimah are committing to wear hijab, inspired by HC. If we may add, nowadays, the decision to wear hijab doesn’t solely depends on the mental state of readiness or not. The climate and trend of the hijab tend to sway people’s decision on whether they’re ready to wear hijab, and they make decision-making process easier.

And HC’s fashion influence? It’s undeniable that they’re very influential, where their fashion statement spread rapidly through internet and social media. At the least, HC has helped eliminate one problem to those who’s considering to wear hijab: what will I wear after I became a hijaber. Well, for HC, this is a factual mode of syiar.

Jenahara said, she has been wearing hijab for 14 years (she started at 13 years old). And still, sometimes she pictures herself wearing some non-hijab outfits, “Aah, how nice I’d look like in this outfit”. It’s very human to imagine such thing. When the thought comes, it’s good to have such a community, to remind us again, yeah, we’re cool in our covered outfit, and thus be re-inspired by our friends.


HC refuses and always tries not to be exclusive. HC members are of many different backgrounds. And within their daily activities, they also still are friends with non-hijabers. “No, we don’t do a specific approach to our non-hijabi sisters, or let say, arrange some activity to bring them closer to hijab. No. We do have some regular agenda, and we invite all muslimah to join, whether they are hijabers or not. And Alhamdulillah, it’s all natural. I keep having a ‘friend’ told me that she’s decided to wear hijab from now on.” said Jenahara.

“We’re just regular women, just like any other, [we] like to stroll around the mall, hunt for delicious food, take pictures (and being taken picture of, surely), we are also concert goers, and so on. And we realized, we embraced those expectations of being a good muslimah, and even always try to do so”, she added.

For your information, recently HC has published a book, ‘Hijab Style by Hijabers Community’, and we’re going to feature it here, soon.


(this article was originally published in, July 2012)


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