Hi There ;)

I don’t know what took me so long to build a settle blog. I started writing online in fashionesedaily.com since 2010, after my second baby’s born. And I’ve been actively write since then.

Have several blogs in the meantime, but all of them are vanished (gosh, I was that ignorant!).

What inspired me most to have a real website of my own, was this girl’s advise; even if you’ve had a career as a writer, do not forget to write for yourself. more or less.

Now about me. A mother of 3 (whaat? -that’s the usual respond I got), had the most precious adventure in life called family. Passionate in fashion, and having my way to promote Indonesia modest fashion & Islamic art. I’ve been a ghost writer for some books (a few actually), and currently strive to write my own.

Oh and I also contribute to mommiesdaily.com, lifestyle and parenting content, which I love.

That’s just a little peek about me, so can we carry on?